A Soft Launch Happy Hour

Hopefully if you've landed here, you already know that The Physics of Brand is a book that explores how brands move through time and space to interact with people and build value. 

The book officially drops on July 21, and we'll be hosting our launch party and book signing shortly after (Save the Date: August 24 at Surly Brewing Co.)

But here's the deal. It's June. It's getting nice out. And we feel that a soft launch happy hour would be a pretty good idea. 

Interview with author, Dan Wallace: hosted by Antenna

Interview with author, Dan Wallace: hosted by Antenna

Original blog post, published by Antenna:

The Physics of Brand” is a book due out this summer that’s at the top of my must-read list. It’s written by three of the best thinkers around: Aaron Keller of Capsule (a brand design firm), Renee Marino of Cupitor (a firm hired to value brands), and Dan Wallace ofIdea Food (which develops brand strategies and marketing plans). Our team at Antenna has been hearing a lot of buzz about the ideas in this book from local CMOs.

Physics Book Review:

Physics Book Review:

Writing a book on brands has connected us with some serious top-notch industry icons. We have dared to share our discoveries with some of our favorite thought leaders, and the words of love we are receiving back have made us ever grateful. We plan to feature each of these shining individuals as a way to say, thank you.

First on the list: Mauro Porcini, SVP & Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo.

#BrandsWithPurpose: FUSE Conference 2016

What? We get to go to Miami?

As we plunge into the frigid temperatures of February in Minnesota, I look longingly at my calendar. Is there warm relief ahead? Well, yes. FUSE 2016 is headed for Miami!

Always a highlight of our year, @KellerOfCapsule and I usually attend FUSE and provide (hopefully) interesting insights through the social-sphere. We fill our Twitter feeds with little nuggets of knowledge presented by esteemed speakers. We also provide more in-depth recaps and commentary through FUSE’s blog, The Next Big Design. Well, all of this will again be happening, with one change.

@KellerOfCapsule is heading off to Tokyo to conduct consumer research for Patagonia. We hope he returns with lots of lovely travel gifts for those holding down the Capsule pillbox. While he is gone, we are excited to introduce Lauren Sobolik. Lauren is a valued member of the Capsule team and will provide a whole new perspective to the FUSE trough of inspired content this year.

FUSE’s upcoming theme is Designing Brands with Purpose. Over the past 16 years, this perspective has always been at the center of our philosophy. As we guide our clients through change and growth, there is no better advice. Brand engagement and loyalty results when messages are clear, design is impactful and actions are consistent and authentic. Purpose driven brands are center to our purpose.

The list of speakers is long and impressive. IIR has again prepared three solid days of programming with intention. We will be inspired by some of the world’s most impressive brand leaders. But I also know Lauren and I look forward to connecting with other FUSE attendees. Learning and inspiration doesn’t just come from the stage. We open ourselves up to shake hands with the person next to us, share lunch with someone looking for an open seat and grab coffee with that Twitter follower who kindly “hearts” and retweets us. Those around us are also designing brands with purpose. We never know with whom we will meet and where connections will be made. Learning and networking with purpose.

So, we anxiously wait for April 4 to arrive, along with the Miami warmth. If you haven’t registered yet, there is still time. Until then, stay tuned. Lauren and I will do our best to provide purpose-driven prose inspired by The Next Big Design.

- See more at: http://capsule.us/blog/brands-with-purpose-fuse-conference-2016/#sthash.mj8MP6TB.dpuf

Mark Ritson on Brand Valuation: Brilliant or Bullshit?

As soon as we saw Mark Ritson (Professor at Melbourne Business School, and columnist for Marketing Week) take on the topic of brand valuation and claim its bullshit-ness, we knew we wanted to get our book, The Physics of Brand, in front of him.

The topic of brand value is center stage in our book, intersecting the priorities of the CMO and CFO and bringing them into the same conversation. A brand is interdisciplinary, and the value of a brand is built from every department.

Ritson makes it clear that he is a supporter of brand valuation as a theory. But the current practice of it in our industry by leaders such as Interbrand, Brand Z and Brand Finance, leave massive discrepancies, which has lead to his conclusive “bullshit” claim.

His argument is part of a fascinating discussion in our world, and we couldn’t help sending our pages.

The Physics of Brand, as said by Professor Mark Ritson:

"Beautifully written, incredibly designed. This is a book that makes you look at the topic of branding with fresh eyes."

Check out the brilliant vs. bullshit panel discussion on Marketing Week here: