Top 3 Things You'll Learn from Chapter 1

1.    Why brands exist.

You know that little bread shop on the corner, most likely with a horrible attempt for a name and complimented with an even worse logo, but it’s your favorite because it’s run by the sweetest lady named Frances whom you trust to consistently give you the best damn pastries you’ve ever had? 

This is why brands exist. 

As soon as larger companies and mass production came to town and put people like Frances out of business, that relationship, trust and experience needed to be recreated somehow.  Brands are meant to be containers for this trust.  Some brands are great at doing this. Others are still living in a mass media consumption-driven culture that’s keeping their brand in a depersonalized state of comatose.   We hate brand-coma.  

If this is you, this book will help.  One chapter a day and your brand will feel healthier and more human.

2.    Brands move through time and space to create meaningful, multi-sensory experiences.

Just like humans, brands are not well suited for fixed mathematical solutions.  They are relational, emotional and dynamic. That’s the beauty of this book as we dive into the science of it all. Chapter 1 provides all three of our “supermodels” that show how brands move through time to gain energy, how they use that energy to move through space, environments and groups of handlers, and how all of these interactions move up the ladder (Jacob’s Ladder to be specific) to leave lasting memories and achieve value. 

Whew, good stuff.

3.    Brands bring us enormous value

Imagine for a moment a world without brands. In this imaginary world you would find that every purchase is risky, and shopping is an endless ordeal. We built software alongside this book called Aurora Insights (casual, right?), and our simulations of a non-branded world shows that prices go up, satisfaction goes down, search time goes up, and profits go down.

Everyone loses in a world without brands.  Let’s give them the attention they deserve. 

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 #physicsofbrand.