A Soft Launch Happy Hour

Hopefully if you've landed here, you already know that The Physics of Brand is a book that explores how brands move through time and space to interact with people and build value. 

The book officially drops on July 21, and we'll be hosting our launch party and book signing shortly after (Save the Date: August 24 at Surly Brewing Co.)

But here's the deal. It's June. It's getting nice out. And we feel that a soft launch happy hour would be a pretty good idea. 

Join us on Thursday, June 16th at Capsule, as Managing Principal and author Aaron Keller presents the Physics of Brand, and answers all of your shining questions.

What befuddles you about the branding industry? What curiosities do you have around your own brand, your favorite brand, or your mom's favorite brand? And how do these intangible things grow and build value?

Tweet your questions to @physicsofbrand, #AskPoB, to give us a heads up. Then make sure you actually come to the event. We may even have a drawing for a free book (fingers crossed for an early exclusive delivery). 

See you there. 


The Physics of Brand is an exploration of how brands evolve in time and space. You'll be introduced to three new models that illustrate how brands build value for brand owners, people and society. These models frame new ways to assess the value of brands, articulate smarter strategies and design memorable moments. The authors leave a smile in your mind as they weave neuroscience, micro and macro economics and complex systems into a narrative equally rewarding for finance as it is for marketing leaders. It's a brand-new way of thinking.